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Shelby GT500SE - Available For 2020 And Newer Shelby GT500 Models

Shelby American is pushing the latest generation Shelby GT500 supercar to new levels. As the first Carroll Shelby Signature Edition version for this model, the car delivers sizzling styling, razor sharp handling and an additional 40 horsepower.

To enhance performance, Shelby American has added a new pulley and major cooling upgrades to enable 5.2-liter Predator V8 to churn out 800+ horsepower on 98 octane pump gas. The car has been lowered with more track-focused springs and a new aggressive Magneride suspension recalibration In addition, a new ultra-light vented dry carbon fiber hood cuts overall weight substantially.

The Shelby GT500 SE also features new wheels, tires, interior, badges, stripes and lots more. A host of options, including a widebody package are also available.

Available exclusively in New Zealand through Shelby NZ, the 2021 Shelby GT500SE offers thrilling performance and dynamic handling, all in a package that owners will love to drive all day, every day.

Every Shelby GT500 SE is assigned a unique CSM number and adorned with special dash and engine bay plaques, and then registered in the official Carroll Shelby Registry, ensuring it becomes a collectible vehicle from day one.

MTF Finance available on all Shelby vehicles – For more information email Ross or phone 027 500 2875



  • Shelby Performance Supercharger pulley (800+ HP)
  • Shelby Performance half shafts
  • Shelby High volume/flow supercharger intercooler
  • Shelby High volume/flow supercharger heat exchanger
  • Shelby front and rear springs
  • Shelby front and rear sway bars
  • Shelby Magneride suspension recalibration
  • Shelby caster/camber plates
  • Shelby lightweight forged aluminium Monoblock 20”x11” front wheels
  • Shelby lightweight forged aluminium Monoblock 20”x11.5” rear wheels
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres
  • Extended and hardened racing wheel studs


  • Shelby ultra-light dry carbon fiber ventilated hood
  • Shelby hood struts
  • Shelby hood locks
  • Shelby billet engine caps
  • Shelby GT500 SE striping and badging
  • Shelby GT500 SE leather seats
  • CSM numbered engine and dash plate
  • Limited to 98 units


  • Shelby Wide Body package
  • Painted stripes
  • Shelby Carbon Fiber Package
  • Rear seat delete, with harness bar
  • Michelin Sport Cup 2 performance tires