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Shelby GT

The iconic Shelby GT has returned with more power, performance and Shelby styling! The newly designed Shelby GT combines terrific handling, strong V8 power, muscular exhaust note, and handsome good looks. The naturally aspirated version produces 480 horsepower. The additional horsepower comes from a new exhaust, while a Ford Performance supercharger is available post-upgrade that can boost horsepower over 700+.

Shelby Super Snake

Available for 2015 and newer mustang GT’s

Over five decades after the first Shelby Super Snake rolled out of Shelby American, the all-new 2019 edition is once again leaving the performance world ‘snake-bit.’ Powered by a 700 or 800 horsepower supercharged Ford 5.0L V8, the Super Snake can launch from 0-60 in as little as 3.5 seconds!

Carroll Shelby Signature Edition

The limited edition 2020 Carroll Shelby Signature Edition Mustang is the ultimate combination of unparalleled beauty and unbridled brawn. From its refined, yet functional styling to its poised handling and brutal power, this is the most polished performance car in Shelby American’s history

Shelby Super Snake Wide Body Edition

Available for 2015 and newer mustang GT’s

The Shelby Super Snake Wide Body Edition was created to maximise the handling of the Ford Mustang chassis. A road racer’s dream, the car has better traction for later braking and earlier acceleration out of corners. Other key benefits include more driver communication and better ability to absorb track imperfections for razor sharp handling on almost any surface.