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Up2Speed Ltd – Media Release
For Immediate Release – 24 October 2019
As one of the most iconic names in motoring, and one that has gained legendary cult status around the world, Shelby American is now expanding its footprint outside the United States by opening a very small selection of specialist Mod Shops and Carroll Shelby stores around the globe.
Shelby American is an automotive company created by designer, racing driver and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby in 1962. As an automotive pioneer, Shelby was responsible for the creation of the famous Ford V8-powered AC Cobra, as well as the development of the mighty Ford GT40, cars that dominated the Le Mans 24-Hour race between 1966 and 1969. The company also specialised in turning out bespoke aftermarket conversions, with much of its success derived from its performance upgrades to the most famous automotive nameplate of them all – the legendary Ford Mustang.

Following Fords global initiative and plan to offer the Mustang worldwide in 2015, Carroll Shelby Licensing and Shelby American have been successfully partnering with high calibre businesses outside of the USA, enabling them to fulfil and satisfy customer’s needs for Shelby vehicles, parts and accessories.

The iconic Shelby brand which is intricately linked with Fords iconic Mustang, will now be available in New Zealand through a fully licensed and approved Mod Shop called Shelby NZ, operating as a division of Matamata Panelworks.

Ross Prevette the Operations Manager for the new entity, says that they will be offering a selection of licensed Shelby Mustang models for new car buyers, along with an extensive range of performance upgrades, conversions, merchandise and accessories for existing Mustang owners.

“The even better news for New Zealand Shelby fans is that the cars, parts, accessories and merchandise will not only be offered directly from our Matamata premises, but also via a number of selected Ford dealers throughout NZ.”

Company owner, Malcolm Sankey who is renowned in Australasia for building award winning custom cars at @Matamata Panelworks, is thrilled to be associated with such a prestigious name in motoring. “Shelby has been recognised globally as the premium upgrade for Ford Mustangs since 1965, and 55 years later the iconic brand still remains very much in a class of its own.”

Shelby models initially available in New Zealand will include variations of the Shelby GT (480hp to 700+hp depending on options chosen), along with the iconic Super Snake and mind blowing 800+hp Wide Body Super Snake. Each new Shelby build or converted existing Mustang is fitted with a unique Carroll Shelby Mustang identification number which gets recorded in the official Shelby register and consequently confirms the authenticity and specification of each vehicle.

For more information about Shelby NZ (a division of Matamata Panelworks) and Shelby Mustang availability in New Zealand, please contact

Ross Prevette – Operations & Sales Manager – Phone 027 500 2875